My philosophy

« Ô rage ! Ô désespoir ! Ô vieillesse ennemie ! N’ai-je tant vécu que pour cette infamie ! »

Pierre Corneille, Le Cid 1637 

« Pour moi, la beauté me ravit partout où je la trouve, et je cède facilement à cette douce violence dont elle nous entraîne »

Molière, Dom Juan 1665

« La beauté absolue et éternelle n’existe pas, ou plutôt elle n’est une abstraction écrémée à la surface générale des beautés diverses »

Charles Baudelaire 1846

My philosophy at Euler center

What does cosmetic surgery mean to you?

“Whether it is reconstructive surgery or cosmetic surgery, I always try to build relationships based on trust and with a clear, straightforward approach. Plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is about changing the way human beings look. Plastic surgeons must therefore be able to tell patients what can actually be achieved, without promising unrealistic results. This is not only true in rejuvenation or liposuction surgery, it must also be the case with reconstructive surgery.”

“The human body can sometimes react in an unpredictable way, and therefore alter the results of plastic surgery. That is why results can vary. In some cases, the effects may even surpass expectations, creating and even more natural look. Patients must be aware of this before starting any plastic or cosmetic surgery.”

What part should plastic surgeons play with their patients?

“In my opinion, being a plastic surgeon means providing support to patients who wish to feel better about themselves. It also means helping patients to not feel guilty about their decision to have plastic or cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgeons must do their best for patients, providing them with the most advanced techniques available in plastic surgery, in an effort to meet their expectations.”

How do you understand your patients’ expectations?

“In plastic surgery, listening to patients is essential. Before any surgery, it is very important to identify possible psychological issues in the patient’s personality regarding his or her appearance. I do this to determine if plastic surgery is appropriate and beneficial in each particular case.”

How can plastic surgery help patients feel better?

“Because of scientific innovation in surgical techniques and materials, we can now achieve impressive results in body and face enhancement. We can now treat patients with weight problems and help make the ageing process easier to accept, without constantly seeking the fountain of youth. Plastic surgery is a very rewarding activity, because through body enhancement and psychological understanding, it allows people to feel better about themselves.”